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Brandywine Racquet Club


It is now time for the 2018/19 indoor season. Many contracts are looking for players to fill their groups.

Stop by our facility and check out the bulletin board to see if there is a contract that meets your needs. Also, Captains, check to see if players have put their names up to find a contract to join.

Serving the Philadelphia area since 1970

Brandywine Racquet Club opened it's doors in 1970 with the simple objective of providing Delaware and Chester County with a 1st class, indoor tennis facility. Over the past 48 years we have worked hard to achieve this goal and are considered by many to be one of the premier clubs in the region.

Staying with our goal of maintaining a 1st rate facility, we have launched our new website as way to keep members updated with events, announcements and other important club and membership details. We're excited to welcome all of our members back for our 48th season in business!

Interested in becoming a member? Click here.

2018/2019 Schedule


9/16/2018: Opening Day

4/27/2019: Last Day of Season

Holiday Closings and Pre-Scheduled Make-Ups

Closed 11/22/2018 with make-up day on 5/2/2019

Closed 12/24/2018 with make-up day on 4/29/2019

Closed 12/25/2018 with make-up day on 4/30/2019

Closed 12/31/2018 with make-up day on 5/6/2019

Closed 1/1/2019 with make-up day on 5/7/2019

Closed 4/21/2019 with make-up day on 4/28/2019

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